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SOLD – 1980 Gottlieb The Amazing Spider-Man (Brand new backglass)

Here is an early example of a Licensed popular themed pinball. This is a widebody type machine with lots to shoot for over its bigger playfield. Original backglass was severely faded so we sourced and replaced it with a brand new piece. Colors are simply striking!!

Cabinet has been cleaned inside and outside. Deep scratches have been filled and exterior cabinet has been touched up. Coin door, side rail & lockdown bar have been removed and hand polished on a buffing wheel. Cracked power cord has been replaced with new for safety. All fuses checked and replaced as needed. Brand New Rottendog MP080 CPU has replaced the failing original CPU. All other boards have been removed and overhauled for reliability.

From the factory, the speaker is normally mounted in the head, however this gives a terribly lackluster sound to the game. We have drilled a new 6" hole in the bottom of the cabinet and relocated the speaker there for much improved sound. We do this on all Gottlieb pins of this generation/style.

Playfield was disassembled, cleaned, polished and waxed. All playfield plastics and metal were washed and polished. Game was converted to LED bulbs. Ten bad lamp sockets were replaced. All playfield posts were replaced with new, all playfield inserts were cleaned underneath to remove EMF dust. Bumpers were rebuilt with new parts. Lower 3 flippers we upgraded the coils with stronger ones for fast game play. All drop targets were replaced with new ones.

Finally the legs were cleaned and polished with new leg bolts and leg adjusters added. For faster game play we upgraded the two rear legs with longer pieces to give the playfield more pitch and therefore faster game play. The game was finished off with a new piece of 3/16" tempered glass.

This is the best looking Amazing Spider-Man you will find. Game play is fast and silky smooth. Come check it out for yourself.