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Frequently Asked Questions


Why does the restoration process take so long?

Most of these pins haven’t worked in years and sometimes decades. Most of these old machines have been stored in terrible conditions. Wet/damp basements, back porches exposed to high humidity, stifling hot storage units. Lots of components in these games rust or corrode, batteries leak acid and destroy the CPU’s (the brain of each game). To make a game not only playable again but to make sure its actually fun and exciting to play takes a huge amount of work to bring them back to their former glory. Most parts are readily available but some are not. makes each restoration very challenging.

Who will service my machine that I bought from you?

We do service machines that we sell within a one hour radius of the shop. Outside of that range will help guide you thru and issues that may arise. We are always here to help answer questions and/or try to find a tech local to your house. We can also do video calls to aid with diagnosing and repair.

Why do we only work on pinball machines built from 1970 and newer?

From experience, we have found that games made from 1969 and older typically are worn to the point that they can’t be made dependable as they have just too much wear and mileage on them. Logically if you think about it, those game were played relentlessly back in pinballs heyday and usually were in smoke filled bars.

Do you deliver?

We use a professional Florida based pinball mover for our deliveries and pickups. The reason is simply that the more time we have to spend on the road, the less time we have to get our restorations done.

What if I get tired of playing the game that I bought?

Great question! At anytime after your purchase, you can trade/upgrade your machine for another. We have lots of customers that do this. As your skill level improves, games that once proved challenging to play now seem to easy. Trade it in for a more challenging game.

How do I know which pin is right for me?

Well this is hard for me to answer but I do have people that tell me what they are looking for in a pin. Some like lots of bumpers, some love or hate more than two flippers, some like pins with lots of ramps and game strategy, some like the old time bells and chimes, some like fast games and others like a slower speed, some remember specific pins from their youth.

The best advice I can give someone is to make sure they actually play the game before they buy it. It has to speak to their soul and excite them. Above all, I tell them to make sure the game they choose will still excite them six months down the road. If its to simple, they will tire of it quickly.

Why aren’t you open on weekends?

We are a fully functioning workshop Monday-Friday and by the time the weekend comes, we have worked an entire week and need some down time. However, we do allow our customers to make weekend appointments and are happy to oblige.

Why don’t you have pictures of all your machine up on the website?

I have learned that it can be hard for some to envision the final amazing look of a restoration when they are looking at pictures of these machines coming in as many have been in storage for 15+ years. So I had decided to only post pictures of the machines after they have been restored.