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Current Unrestored Inventory List

Current unrestored inventory

Here is a list of the available machines we have in inventory. These machines are awaiting restoration. Sorry but we do not sell machines as is.

Last Updated on 05/09/2024

NameEM or SSYear# of PlayersProduction
NEW - Stern Stingray (#8)SS197743,006
Gottlieb Close Encounters of the third kind #2SS197849,950
Bally PlayboySS1978418,250
Stern LectronamoSS197842,423
Bally Mata Hari (#2)SS1978416,260
Williams Time WarpSS197948,875
NEW - Williams Gorgar (#5)SS1979414,000
Bally Nitro Ground Shaker (#3)SS198047,950
NEW - Gottlieb Haunted House (#3)SS198246,835
Gottlieb Alien StarSS198441,065
RESTORATION UNDERWAY - Gottlieb Gold Wings (#2)SS198643,260
Williams Pinbot #3SS1986412,001
RESTORATION UNDERWAY - Bally Strange ScienceSS198642,350
NEW - Williams Road KingsSS198645,500
NEW - Data East Secret ServiceSS198842,741
Gottlieb Hot ShotsSS198942,342
Williams Shuffle Inn Shuffle Alley (#2)SS19906Unknown
Williams Shuffle Inn Shuffle Alley (#3)SS19906Unknown
RESTORATION UNDERWAY - Data East Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesSS199143,750
Data East Star TrekSS199144,400
SOLD - Data East Hook (#2)SS199246,705
SALE PENDING - Bally The Adams Family (#2)SS1992420,270
Gottlieb Wipe OutSS199342,150
NEW - Data East Tales from the Crypt (#3)SS199344,500
Data East The Who's Tommy Pinball WizardSS199444,700
Gottlieb Big Hurt (#4)SS199541,985
MACHINES COMING SOON... (pending pickup)
Stern AC/DC proSS20134Unknown