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Current Unrestored Inventory List

Current unrestored inventory

Here is a list of the available machines we have in inventory. These machines are awaiting restoration. Sorry but we do not sell machines as is.

Last Updated on 09/19/2022

NameEM or SSYear# of PlayersProduction
Gottlieb Top ScoreEM197523,200
NEW - Williams Hot Tip Solid StateSS197744,903
Gottlieb Close Encounters of the third kind #2SS197849,950
Stern LectronamoSS197842,423
Williams Time WarpSS197948,875
Bally Flash Gordon (#4)SS1980410,000
Williams Black Knight (#2)SS1980413,075
SOLD - Williams Firepower (New CPR playfield)SS1980417,410
Gottlieb VolcanoSS198143,655
Williams PharaohSS198142,500
Williams Laser CueSS198442,800
Williams Comet (#1)SS198548,100
Gottlieb RockSS198541,875
Williams Road Kings (#2)SS198645,500
Gottlieb Gold Wings (#2)SS198643,260
Williams F-14 Tomcat (#5)SS1987414,502
NEW - Williams F-14 Tomcat (#9)SS1987414,502
Williams Earthshaker (#1)SS198745,257
Williams Gold Mine Shuffle Alley (#3)SS198761,200
Williams RollergamesSS199045,000
Data East Phantom of the OperaSS199042,750
NEW - Williams Shuffle Inn Shuffle Alley (#2)SS19906Unknown
NEW - Williams Shuffle Inn Shuffle Alley (#3)SS19906Unknown
SOLD - Williams Terminator 2 (#1)SS1991415,202
SOLD - Williams The Machine: Bride of Pin·botSS199148,100
NEW - Williams Slugfest (Pitch & Bat)SS19912Unknown
NEW - Bally Dr. Who (#2)SS199247,752
NEW - Data East HookSS199246,705
Data East Tales from the Crypt #2SS199344,500
NEW - Gottlieb Wipe OutSS199342,150
Williams Red & Ted's Road Show #1SS199446,259
NEW - Gottlieb Rescue 911 (#2)SS199444,000
Freddy A Nightmare on Elm StreetSS199442,800
Williams Johnny MnemonicSS199542,756
Gottlieb Stargate (#3)SS199543,600
NEW - Gottlieb Big Hurt (#4)SS199541,985
Bally NBA Fastbreak (#2)SS199744,414
NEW - Sega South Park (#2)SS199962,200
NEW - Stern Lord of the RingsSS200445,100
MACHINES COMING SOON... (pending pickup)
Sega Harley Davidson (#5)SS19996Unknown
Sega Harley Davidson (#6)SS19996Unknown
Stern Striker XtremeSS20004Unknown