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CUSTOMER RESTORATION – 1994 Data East Guns N’ Roses

This is an another high end restoration of Data East Guns N' Roses. Legs were repainted black, with new black bolts and leg adjusters installed. All boards were removed and serviced for reliability. All fuses were checked and wrong ones were replaced with correct values.

Playfield was disassembled, cleaned, polished and waxed. All playfield plastics and metal were washed and polished. Game was converted to LED bulbs. All playfield inserts were cleaned underneath to remove EMF dust. New rubber band kit was installed. Three brand new plastic ramps were sourced and installed. Missing plastic snake for snake pit was sourced and installed.

Coin door was removed and painted. Lock down receiver was removed and painted. All flippers and bumpers were fully rebuilt with new parts above and below the playfield.

Game look like a brand new machine and plays strong and silky smooth.