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SOLD – 1972 Gottlieb King Kool (#1)

This is a light cleanup restoration. Game looks and plays great!

New parts include all playfield posts, bumper plastics & caps, center bulls eye target, lane guides and rubber ring kit. Flipper buttons & sleeves replaced, flipper plunger/links, flipper buttons and EOS switches. Flipper coils replaced with new orange dot stronger coils. Replaced all bumper metal plungers, metal plates and bakelites. Also bumpers have been converted to DC power for faster game play. Broken on/off switch was replaced. All four leg mounting brackets were replaced as well as new leg adjusters. Machine was upgraded with LED bulbs. Backglass is in excellent shape. Cabinet is solid, outside was scrubbed with cleaner. Playfield was polished and waxed.

King Kool is an excellent example of a typical Gottlieb pinball machine of the early 70's. It's two player with a rock band theme with the title name.
The playfield consists of three bumpers, unique four flipper bats, two spinners, various targets and roll overs. The object is to hit all of the targets that spell K-I-N-G to get an advance bonus. King Rock is the four player version of this game.