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Stencil Set – 1977 Williams Liberty Bell cabinet

1977 Williams Liberty Bell pinball machine cabinet stencil set


1977 Williams Liberty Bell pinball machine cabinet stencil set. Repair cabinet and paint entire cabinet with primer then base color. Let base coat completely dry. Apply the stencils for the first stencil color to the cabinet body. Each stencil is shaped like the cabinet so all you have to do is align the stencil to the cabinet. Once the stencil is applied to the cabinet gently squeegee the stencil so it bonds to the cabinet. Next, Peel the transfer tape off the top of the white paint mask stencil. You are now ready to paint the first stencil color red. Before the paint dries (within 5 - 10 minutes of applying), carefully peel off the stencil. Allow the stencil color to completely dry then repeat the procedure for the second stencil set blue.

NOTE: The stencil sets are shipped rolled. If you are not going to use the stencils immediately, we recommend that you remove them from the box and store them flat. You may see some lifting of the clear plastic transfer tape from the top of the white vinyl paint mask when you unpack the stencils. If you find any separation, place the stencil upside down on a hard smooth surface and gently squeegee the back of the stencil to reattach the two layers. Small areas of separation or minor wrinkles in the transfer tape are no need for concern as they will disappear once the stencil is placed on the cabinet.