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SOLD – HOME USE ONLY – 2011 Stern Transformers Limited Edition “Combo”

This Licensed Limited Edition game features both the Autobot and Decepticon warring factions, hence the nickname "Limited Edition Combo". Featured playfield toys include: Starscream figure, Optimus Prime figure, Megatron figure, Allspark cube. Bumble Bee Camaro car in captive ball chamber. This game is number 219 out of 500 total LE's produced. Comes with Stern letter of authenticity signed by Gary Stern.

This game has been home use only and is in like new condition. Stunning design work with toys and features galore.

Player-controlled upper playfield, rapid fire multi-ball cannon, rotating action figure target, unique backglass art, game mounted numbered plaque, "Decepticon Violet" powder coated side armor legs and hinge (left side), "Autobot Crimson" powder coated side armor legs and hinge (right side), powder coated Violet/Crimson color split lock down bar. 4 ball multi-ball play.

Includes mirror side blades, shaker motor and LED lights. Action figure topper included.

Looks, plays and sounds amazing, come see yourself.