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SOLD – 1986 Williams High Speed (#4) (repainted cabinet)

This is one of those well loved games from our childhood. This machine is as close to new as possible.

To start with, cabinet has been stripped to bare wood, then all dings & dents filled, sanded then game was completely repainted with oil base paints. Siderails have been powder-coated, coin door has been repainted, lock down bar has been polished. Front head speaker mount metal has been removed and polished, NOS backglass has been sourced and installed, new Rottendog CPU and LED displays have been installed, legs have been cleaned, polished with new leg bolts and leg adjusters added.

Playfield has been disassembled, touched up, cleaned and polished with Novus products then waxed. All rubber bands have been replaced. New flipper bats have been installed. Bumpers and flipper mechanics have been rebuilt.

All bulbs with have been replaced with new strong LED’s as well as adding a green LED strip under the back ramp to illuminate the back area better. New playfield glass has been installed.

Game plays lightning fast and works 100%

More facts about High Speed can be found at the International Pinball Data Base