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SOLD – 1986 Gottlieb Hollywood Heat (#4) (With Custom touches)

1986 Gottlieb Hollywood Heat is a Miami Vice inspired pinball. Exciting 3-ball multiball four flipper game (two upper and two lower). Playfield has a single pop bumper, three slingshots, two 3-bank drop targets, two kick out holes, two ramp shots and one captive ball.
Pop Bumper is physically isolated from the ball in play and can only be hit by the Captive Ball. "Remote trip" drop targets operate during multi-ball where dropping a target on one set of targets causes a target to drop on the other set. Fast game play with great 80's Miami Vice stereo sounds.

Restoration Details

Cabinet restoration includes complete strip, fill, sand and black paint and new side artwork with 3M vinyl decals.
Legs, side rails and lockdown bar all painted shiny black then clear coated.
Playfield stripped, cleaned with Novus 3, 2 & 1 and then waxed. Worn paint areas touched up.
Mechanical – relay contacts cleaned/gapped, broken wires repaired, new rubber ring kit installed. New lower flipper plunger & link assemblies. Broken drop targets replaced and new decals. Pop bumper rebuilt.
Replaced cold solder header pins on the power supply board.
LED bulb conversion/upgrade.

The game was customized exclusively for its new owner, featuring modified playfield decals, modified plastics and custom translite.