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SOLD – 1985 Williams Sorcerer (#3)

Beautifully restored Williams Sorcerer. This is a rare game to see. This is a two ball Multi-ball game.

May 5, 2021  ***This game was restored by us in April of 2019. It was bought back from our customer that was looking to upgrade his collection for a newer pin*** The machine is currently getting a tune up which includes servicing the boards, cleaning and waxing the playfield and installing new rubber bands.


The following are details of that original restoration.

New legs were installed with new leg bolts and leg adjusters were installed. All boards were removed and serviced for reliability. Battery was remoted off board. Original power cord was replaced for safety.

Playfield was disassembled, cleaned, polished and waxed. All playfield plastics and metal were washed and polished. Game was converted to LED bulbs. All playfield posts were replaced with new, all playfield inserts were cleaned underneath to remove EMF dust. All flippers and bumpers were fully rebuilt with new parts above and below the playfield. New rubber bands were installed.

Front side of backglass was cleaned and polished. New chrome backglass lift tray was installed. Coin door was removed and painted. Lock down receiver was removed, cleaned then painted. Ball shooter housing was removed, cleaned and polished. Lock down bar and siderails were cleaned and polished. New piece of tempered playfield glass was installed. All games come with manual, wiring schematics and copy of the original sales flyer.

Game looks amazing and plays fast.