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SOLD – 1983 Williams Firepower II (#1)

Unique Features
Jet Fighter themed, Early electronic game play featuring electronic sounds, right flipper allows top lane F-I-R-E change, raised ramp shot and 2-multi-ball game, 50 volt flippers, 7 digit score displays.
Restoration Details
Light cabinet restoration including wood repair at riser under the head. Scratches and scrapes color matched and touched up.
Playfield stripped, polished with Novus 3, Novus 2, Novus 1, then waxed. Playfield plastics polished with Novus.
Mechanical – CPU & Driver board repairs done. Contacts cleaned/gapped, broken wires repaired, new rubber ring kit installed. Repinned several female connectors for the CPU & Driver Board.
Backglass – Minor paint touch ups done. White panel behind backglass was cleaned.
Legs- Soaked in rust remover, then polished and waxed.
LED bulb conversion/upgrade.