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SOLD – 1983 Gottlieb Amazon Hunt (#1)

Here is a very rare and unusual game. Only 1,515 of these made. Game features jungle type sights and electronic sounds.

The cabinet was cleaned and paint issues touched up. Playfield was completely stripped and bad areas touched up then polished with Novus products, then waxed. Playfield features new plastic posts, new bumper plastics, new lane guides, metal rails were removed and polished, new flipper bats and upper hole plastics. Bumpers and flippers were rebuilt underneath with all new parts. Flipper buttons were replaced with new. New power cord was installed for safety. Lock down bar, coin door and side rails were all cleaned and polished.

All mechanical issues were fixed. All electronic issues were repaired. Cold solder joints were reflowed. Legs were cleaned and polished then new leg bolts and leg adjusters were added. All new rubber bands were added. Game plays amazing. Very unique artwork.