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SOLD – 1981 Stern Lightning

Here is a title that does not come up for sale very often as it had a low production of 2,350 units. Its theme is Fantasy - Norse God of Lightning. It has speech and is a 3 ball Multi-ball game (this allows both 2 and 3 multi-ball play). This game is reminiscent of Black Knight and Jungle Lord with its unique separate upper playfield.

Here are the restoration details:
All metal brightwork - siderails and lockdown bar have been removed and buffed to a high shine. Coin door was cleaned and painted. Legs have been stripped & painted and new leg adjusters added. Power cord has been replaced for safety. Playfield has been disassembled, cleaned and polished with Novus products then waxed. All rubber bands and playfield posts have been replaced. All of the small triangle playfield inserts were badly cupped so they were replaced with new transparent inserts. New flipper bats have been installed.

Cabinet artwork has been lightly touched up. New beehive shooter has been installed. Receiver bar has been removed, stripped then painted. Bulbs have been replaced with new strong LED's. All 9 drop targets have been replaced with new. Flipper buttons were replaced with new. All boards have been repaired and the power supply board is a new Rottendog board. All male and female Molex connectors have been replaced. All 4 flipper mechanisms have been rebuilt with new parts. New playfield glass installed.