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SOLD – 1979 Bally Star Trek #3 (D&RS)

Nice restoration of the classic Bally Star Trek game. Cabinet was vacuumed and cleaned inside and out. Bottom of cabinet was falling apart so it was replaced with a piece of plywood. Head pedestal was loose, so had to reattach it securely. Frame around head was painted and cabinet exterior received just a few touchups. Backglass was cleaned and polished. New backglass frames were installed.

New Alltek MPU was installed. All other circuit boards were removed and new headers installed. Female pins were replaced. All fuses were checked for correct amperage. New power cord was installed for safety.

Playfield was stripped, cleaned, polished then waxed. Playfield plastics were cleaned, straightened then polished. Game was converted to LED bulbs. Siegecraft antiflicker kit was installed. Legs were repainted. Coin door & siderails were cleaned and shined. All bumpers and flippers were rebuilt top side and bottom. New playfield posts and rubber kit were installed. Worn playfield paint was touched up around the bumpers and upper archway then sealed under Mylar. All switched were cleaned and adjusted. New speaker was installed. New flipper buttons were installed.

Game looks great and plays very strong.