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SOLD – 1973 Bally Nip-It

Here is a fun early Bally game that has come to be known as the pinball featured in Happy Days at Arnolds. It features a ball-grabbing device in the upper right playfield, called a 'Balligator', is activated by a 'Gator' button, located next to the right flipper button, to pull the ball into a special high-scoring lane.

This game has not had the usual extensive restoration that we do but it has been made playable, new rubber rings, flipper button switches and end of stroke switches have been cleaned and adjusted. Game has been high-tapped, bad light bulbs replaced, switches have been adjusted, bad fuse holder has been replaced, new power cord has been installed. Game plays surprisingly fast. Only known issue is the indicator lights for ball 4 & 5 do not work. Game is sold as is no warranty.