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SOLD – 1972 Williams Line Drive Baseball (Pitch & Bat)

This is fun pitch & bat game. These games are getting harder and harder to find. This one is in the process of restoration. Last electromechanical baseball game by Williams.

Games features:

  • Pitching magnet to allow different types of pitches.
  • Adjustable bat strength dial inside coin door.
  • 3 different electronic sound boards for fun, continuous excitement.
  • Animated backglass with players running around the bases.

Game is complete. The outside cabinet artwork has been repaired and touched up/repainted as needed. Playfield has been cleaned and polished. Metal pitch and bat buttons have been removed and polished. The paddles in the outfield that the ball hits for scoring have new artwork on them. The side rails and coin door were cleaned and polished. The legs have been cleaned and polished. New leg adjusters and leg bolts have been added. New fluorescent bulb is installed. Back side of backglass "red" color has been airbrushed back in. New power cord has been installed for safety. LED lights have been installed. Game plays faster than most and works 100%. Electronic cheering crowd sounds adds an exciting touch to this game.