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CUSTOMER RESTORATION – 1992 Bally Doctor Who (#1)

This game was in poor shape when it arrived at our shop. Game wouldn't boot and sound board shot sparks when game was turned on. Boards needed extensive repair. Once game was running, playfield was stripped, cleaned and polished with Novus, then waxed. Game was converted to LED bulbs. All playfield metal was polished, all playfield plastic was cleaned. The time expander mini-playfield was removed, stripped and old hardened grease was removed. Elevator portion was cleaned then a light coating of white Lithium grease was applied to all track areas. Motor and gearbox was replaced with a new unit. Playfield now operates silky smooth up and down during gameplay. Exterior cabinet was lightly touched up. 6 new pinballs were installed as well as a new speaker. Finally a new playfield glass was installed.

Game now looks and plays amazing. Everything works 100%.