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CUSTOMER RESTORATION – 1980 Williams Black Knight

This was a complete restoration of a machine that the customer has owned for 20+ years. Bottom and back of the cabinet was falling apart as it had sat in water in its past. Customer decided to upgrade the MPU & Driver boards (which had corrosion issues) to new Swemmer boards. Cabinet bottom and lower back side woodwork was repaired with wood (vs body filler). Then cabinet was partially repainted. Playfield was stripped, cleaned, polished, then waxed. Missing playfield artwork was painted in then sealed under Mylar. Flippers & bumper were rebuilt with new parts. New power cord was added for safety. Coin door, lock down bar and siderails were all removed, rust was removed, then they were all buffed out and polished. Lock down bar receiver was removed, wire wheeled then painted and new decals added. Game was converted to LED lights. Six extra lights were added to the dark areas of the playfield. New legs, leg bolts and adjusters were added. Game plays great and works 100%. Customer will be adding a new backglass in the near future. Game looks stunning!!