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CUSTOMER RESTORATION – 1980 Bally Nitro Ground Shaker (#3)

Highly sought after Bally title. Unique Bally revving motor background sound.

Legs were cleaned and painted, new leg bolts and leg adjusters were installed. MPU board was replaced with new Alltek MPU board. All other boards were removed and serviced for reliability.  Cabinet was cleaned only. No repainting or touch up. Original power cord was replaced for safety.

Playfield was disassembled, cleaned, polished and waxed. All playfield plastics and metal were washed and polished. Game was converted to LED bulbs. All playfield posts were replaced with new, all playfield inserts were cleaned underneath to remove EMF dust. All flippers and bumpers were fully rebuilt with new parts above and below the playfield. All playfield inserts were leveled with polyurethane. New rubber bands were installed. Plastic lane guides were replaced with new.

Front side of backglass was cleaned New chrome backglass lift tray was installed. Coin door was cleaned and polished. Ball shooter housing was cleaned and polished. Lock down bar and siderails were cleaned and polished. New piece of tempered playfield glass was installed. Manual & wiring schematics was sourced and provided.

Game plays like new, strong and fast.