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CUSTOMER RESTORATION – 1978 Williams Pokerino

This is a customer owned machine. When it was dropped off the game would not boot up and playfield was completely disassembled with all the parts in a box. We had to go through everything. We replaced all the male header pins as they were full of cold soldered joints that would not reflow Correctly. We replaced the 40 pin interconnect between the CPU and driver board. We had to replace several transistors that were not functioning. We had to replace 2 solenoid coils under the playfield that were burned up. We replaced one IC chip on the circuit board. We replaced the key lock assembly in the head.

We cleaned, polished then wax the bare playfield. The entire playfield was put back together with all switches cleaned. Playfield plastics were cleaned and polished. New rubber band kit was installed. All playfield inserts were sunk down quite a bit which interfered with gameplay so playfield was leveled then inserts were filled with urethane.

Game now plays 100% and should not give the customer any more trouble.