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CUSTOMER RESTORATION – 1978 Bally Playboy (BS)

Full restoration of this Bally classic. Full cabinet repaint as well as new playfield overlay.

Playfield was removed from cabinet, cabinet was vacuumed and cleaned inside and out. Cabinet paint was stripped, filled, sanded and painted with oil based paints. Legs were stripped and repainted. New leg bolts and adjusters were added. Power cord was replaced for safety. Boards were removed and serviced, power supply was upgraded. Remote battery was installed. Headers were reflowed.

Siderails and lockdown bar were removed and buffed to a brilliant shine. Coin door got a new door skin. New tempered playfield glass was installed. Playfield was stripped, sanded, and then 4 coats of urethane were applied with light sanding in between each coat. Then new laminated playfield overlay was installed. Warped playfield plastics were straightened. New plastic posts and rubber bands were installed. Flippers and bumpers were rebuilt top and bottom.

Game looks like new and plays amazing.