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CUSTOMER RESTORATION – 1978 Bally Playboy (AP)

Full restoration of customer owned Bally Playboy. This has been owned by customers family since she was young.

Machine was disassembled. Cabinet paint was stripped, filled, sanded, primed then painted. Legs were repainted with new leg bolts and adjusters added. Side rails, lock down bar and coin door were removed then hand buffed. Lock down bar receiver was stripped then repainted. New power cord for safety. New 10 out 10 backglass was sourced.

Playfield was stripped, polished, waxed and some paint touch up was done. Cupped playfield inserts were replaced with new ones, then new number  decals were installed on them. Painted areas were then sealed under clear Mylar. New playfield posts, bumper & flipper plastics were added. Below the playfield, all flippers and bumpers were rebuilt with new parts. All metal on the playfield was hand buffed. All circuit boards were rebuilt, all male and female Molex pins were replaced. One display needed a new glass.

Game looks and plays like new. Bumpers and flippers are extremely strong.