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CUSTOMER RESTORATION – 1976 Williams Aztec (#4) (repainted cabinet)

This is a full restoration of a very popular and well known pin. This is one of the last runs of Electro Mechanical games made. Because of this it has DC powered bumpers and slingshots which give it faster response and action.

Cabinet paint has been stripped, filled, sanded, primed then repainted to look as good as it when new. Coin door, side rails and lockdown bar have all been removed and polished to a brilliant shine. Power cord has been replaced for safety. Playfield has been stripped, polished and worn areas touched up and sealed with Mylar. Cupped plastic playfield inserts have been replaced with brand new ones so the ball will roll over them without being deflected.  Game has been converted to full LED bulbs. White bumper plastics have been replaced with new as well as new bumper caps. All contacts have been cleaned and adjusted. All stepper units have been cleaned and adjusted. New chrome legs, levelers and bolts have been installed. Custom upper apron arch has been installed. New reproduction backglass has been installed. Lower Apron & shooter plates have been cleaned, painted and a new decal applied. New piece of Tempered glass installed.

Game looks great and plays amazing!