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CUSTOMER RESTORATION – 1975 Gottlieb El Dorado

This machine was shipped in from out of state by a new customer.

This needed a light restoration that included: Side rails removed, buffed to a high shine then reinstalled. Lock down bar was also buffed. Coin door had drill holes in it, so it was replaced with a new one. Lock down bar receiver was removed, stripped then painted. Cabinet was cleaned inside and out, then colors were touched up. Playfield was stripped, then polished with Novus products then waxed. All top side plastics were replaced with new. Legs were cleaned and polished. New leg bolts and leg adjusters were added. Score reels were disassembled and cleaned. One score reel and circuit board were replaced. Match unit was disassembled and cleaned. Machine was converted to LED bulbs. Backglass was lightly airbrushed. New tempered playfield glass was added. Both upper and lower flippers were rebuilt. Pop bumpers were rebuilt. Machine was high tapped and shopped.