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CUSTOMER RESTORATION – 1975 Bally Knockout

This machine was shipped in from Texas earlier this year for a complete restoration. Customer wanted it to look and perform like new.

Cabinet was stripped to bare wood, filled and sanded, then painted with oil base paints. Legs were replaced with new. New leg adjusters and leg bolts were installed. New power cord was added for safety. Fuses were replaced with the correct values. Siderails, lockdown bar and coin door were removed, cleaned and polished. Rear of backglass was cleaned to remove the nicotine stains, while the front was cleaned and polished. New backglass SS lift tray and plastic trim was installed.

Playfield was stripped, cleaned, polished and waxed. All playfield inserts were replaced with new. Playfield plastics were cleaned and polished. Game was converted to LED's. New playfield posts and rubber bands were installed.

All contacts and stepper units were cleaned and adjusted. Game was high tapped for faster gameplay. Flippers and bumpers were rebuilt above and below the playfield.