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CUSTOMER RESTORATION – 1974 Gottlieb Big Brave (CS)

Early 70's Indian themed, very colorful design, unique vari-target that pushes back with ball pressure.

Game was in nice condition when the owner shipped it in for restoration. Cabinet needed paint touch up and some damaged wood areas filled and painted. Playfield stripped, cleaned with Novus 2 then waxed. Relay contacts cleaned/gapped, stepper units cleaned, new rubber ring kit installed, target faces replaced, apron & shooter cleaned, bumpers rebuilt, flippers made faster by upgrading the coils to PBR A-5141 Orange Dot coils. Legs were cleaned and leg adjusters given a fresh coat of paint. Backglass front was cleaned with Novus, then waxed. All bulbs were replaced with new 44 bulbs per the owners request. Siderails were removed and buffed. New flipper buttons were installed. Metal panel on backside of head was painted. Game looks great and plays strong.