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CUSTOMER RESTORATION – 1971 Williams Klondike (MA)

This is a complete restoration inside and out. Game was one of the roughest machines we have done to this point.

Cabinet was stripped. Rear panel on cabinet was falling apart, so it was replaced with a new piece of plywood. The light board behind the backglass was falling apart so it had to be rebuilt. The wood containing the MATCH and BALL IN PLAY bulbs had fallen apart so new pieces had to be fabricated out of plywood. Cabinet was then sanded and filled, then primed, and painted with correct colors. No stencil was available for the artwork so a custom one had to be made. Front and inside of head frame was then painted black. New BG Resto backglass was installed. All contacts were cleaned nd adjusted. All 5 pop bumpers and both flippers were rebuilt above and below the playfield. Playfield was stripped, cleaned then polished. The five white playfield inserts were yellowed and cupped so they were replaced. Several warped playfield plastics had to be heated and straightened. New power cord was added for safety. New legs were installed. The lockdown bar receiver was cleaned and painted. The siderails, lockdown bar and coin door were all removed and buffed to a great shine. Game was converted to LED bulbs. Approximately 20 light bulb sockets were bad and had to be replaced. All stepper units were cleaned and now move freely. All steppers and relays are correctly identified with labels. Transformer as high tapped for faster game play. New tempered playfield glass was installed.

Game now looks and plays like new.