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CUSTOMER RESTORATION – 1971 Gottlieb Dimension

This was a mechanical restoration and playfield restoration.

Playfield was removed as well as lower relay board removed. Inside of cabinet was cleaned and washed to remove 50 years worth of crud. Relay board was cleaned and all relays were cleaned and points adjusted. Replaced burned relay in start bank. Power cord was replaced for safety. Score rails were cleaned and adjusted. All unmarked relays were labeled for easy identification.

Coin door, Legs, lockdown bar were all cleaned and polished. Red coin door start button was replaced with new.

Playfield was completely disassembled. Five bad areas that were worn down to word were repainted then sealed in Mylar for protection. All posts were replaced with new, playfield switches were all cleaned and adjusted, pop bumpers were rebuilt with new parts above and below the Playfield, all 20 drop targets were replaced with new targets. Flippers were rebuilt with new parts as well as high-powered replacement flipper coils from Steve Young’s Pinball Resource.

Game looks great and plays great.