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SOLD – 1978 Bally Six Million Dollar Man (#5) (Up to 6 players can play) (Upgrades include: New Alltek MPU board, New Alltek Solenoid Driver board, New Pinscore LED display set)

This is a popular title and fondly remembered by those of my generation. Six Million Dollar Man provided endless hours of fun, laughter and excitement.

This machine has been completely gone thru. The cabinet was washed only inside and outside.

The playfield was stripped of all components then rebuilt as it was being assembled. Bumper & flippers were all rebuild with new parts underneath and above the playfield. Playfield plastic posts will be replaced with new. New power cord & flipper buttons were installed. Siderails and coin door were cleaned and shined. Lockdown bar, shooter housing and shooter rod have all been cleaned and shined.  Lockdown bar receiver was cleaned. Legs were cleaned, painted. MPU board and Solenoid Driver board were both replaced with brand new Alltek boards. All score displays have been replaced with brand new Pinscore LED displays. Machine was fully converted to LED bulbs. The backglass has been cleaned and polished as well as the stainless lift tray. New playfield glass has been installed. All game come with Manual, wiring schematic and copy of the game sales flyer.

Machine looks as beautiful in person as it does in the pictures. Add this classic Bally to your collection.