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SOLD – 1999 Sega Harley Davidson (4 ball Multi-ball) (#6) ***6 PLAYER GAME**** Plays strong, hard and fast w/Steppenwolf Born to be Wild background music (New Side Art Blades added) (Undocumented Home Use Only)

Super cool Harley Davidson pinball machine that will allow up to 6 people to play against each other rather than the standard 4. This game has almost no wear anywhere. It is an undocumented home use only.

Legs were cleaned and painted with leg bolts and leg adjusters installed. Original power cord was replaced for safety. Playfield was disassembled, cleaned, polished and waxed. All playfield plastics and metal were washed and polished. Game was converted to LED bulbs. Playfield inserts were cleaned underneath to remove EMF dust. Flippers and bumpers were fully rebuilt with new parts above and below the playfield. New rubber bands were installed.

Coin door was replaced with a new assembly. New piece of tempered playfield glass was installed. New side art blades were added and look great!!

All games come with manual, wiring schematics and copy of the original sales flyer.

Game looks like new and plays strong and silky smooth.