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SOLD – 1991 Williams Slugfest (Color DMD, Factory Topper, Factory Baseball Card dispenser, new coin door, new front cabinet decal) *****OPEN PRODUCT TO WATCH VIDEOS***** (Update- Side Art Blades have been added)

Bring the magic of baseball into your home with this fully electronic Pitch & Bat game. In this electronic version of the classic game, you can steal bases, throw out a runner and make the crowd boo. This game features great callouts and plays the anthem making you feel like your at an actual game. To add to the illusion, this game has been upgraded with a color LED style DMD display. Looks amazing!!

This has the factory topper, factory baseball card dispenser (w/cards), Brand new complete coin door assembly, Front lower cabinet decal has been installed as the original had faded colors. All the red T-molding on the game was replaced because it was also faded. A new control panel overlay was installed as the original was torn. Several of the control buttons were broken and were replaced with new. Game was converted to LED bulbs. Playfield was cleaned and polished. Left & Right side rebound rubbers were replaced with new. Bat mechanism assembly was removed to clean all gunk and a new armature was installed.

Circuit boards were removed and upgraded as needed. Legs and side rails were cleaned and polished. Side Art Blades have been added and look amazing.

Game looks beautiful and plays strong. Come check this out. “Peanuts, popcorn, get your programs here”