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SOLD – 1980 Williams Blackout (#3)

Blackout has background sounds, speech and a relay that when triggered would blackout the entire games lights for a short period of time. This provided may very unique feeling to the player.

The restoration included the cabinet Cleaned and vacuumed inside and outside. The exterior of the cabinet needed some minor touch up. Legs were removed and cleaned and painted, new leg adjusters and leg bolts were added. The CPU board, Driver board, Power supply board and sound/speech board were all upgraded with brand new Kohout boards. The original displays were repaired as needed. The game was converted over to LED bulbs. Power cord was replaced for safety.

The backglass was cleaned and polished on the front side. The side rails, lock bar and coin door were removed and polished to a high shine. New flipper buttons were added.

Playfield was stripped, cleaned, polished then waxed. Flippers and bumpers were rebuilt above and below the playfield. Playfield plastics were cleaned and shined. New spinner decals were applied. All playfield plastic posts were replaced with new. Game plays strong and looks amazing.