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SOLD – 1978 Williams Flash (#5) (First game to have background sound and flash lamps)

Awesome Williams Flash game. With over 19,000 of these made it still remains on of the most popular early electronic pinball machines. This was the first game from any manufacturer to have a dynamic background sound during gameplay. It is also the first game from any manufacturer to use Flash Lamps, which provide a temporary burst of flashing light intended primarily for the sake of its visual effect.

Cabinet artwork has been lightly touched up and looks great, Original CPU and driver board were rebuilt. Power supply board was rebuilt and gone thru, bad female pins (for connectors) were rebuilt as needed. Playfield was stripped, polished then waxed. Bumpers and flippers have been rebuilt above and below the playfield. Playfield posts and new rubber bands were added. Game has been converted to LED bulbs. Siderails, coin door and lockdown bar have all been polished. Legs were replaced with new. New leg adjusters and leg bolts have been added. Lockdown bar receiver was removed, stripped, then painted. Typical for this game, the triangle inserts were curved up like a banana. These were removed and replaced with new inserts. Backglass was cleaned and polished. Stainless lift trim was buffed to a high shine and new black plastic was added to the top and sides.

Game looks amazing and plays great. Come check it out in person.