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Lost World
August 2, 2021

I am a kid again

I shopped on line many sites for pinball machines, I found pinball restorations and found out they were less than an hour away.  I spoke with Joe and he invited me to his store.  I had six machines in my price range.  I tried all six machines and narrowed down to 2.  I played both machines again.  I chose lost world because it was fast, everything worked and it had many scoring features. I chose to pay the extra fee for Joe to deliver and set up.  Joe delivered the machine two days later.  It was the right choice.  He showed me how the machine worked preventative maintenance and answered many questions.  About a month later I had a problem with the game firing up.  I called joe and he came to my house and fixed the problem.  He spent an hour and a half checking the machine for any other problems (there were none). One of the scoring lights was not working at the top line. He had me take out the unit and replace it with the number 4 player score.  He took the bad light with him and made sure I knew how to replace it.  He also suggested that when I get the new light to put the old one back in the four slot and the new one in the 1 slot.  Since the 1 player slot is the most used this made sense to me.

     All in all I am pleased with my machine, and even more satisfied with the customer service that Joe supplied.  I am waiting for the disk bowling machine he has to be worked on and it won’t take much twisting of the arm for me to purchase it. 

     Bottom line no pressure to buy, great customer service, and a happy customer.  Now my foursome has something to do when it rains.  Low score buys the beer!!!