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Gottlieb Flying Carpet
August 2, 2021

Flying Carpet

Joe and staff did a great job restoring my Gottlieb Flying Carpet. I played this machine for many years during my youth and always wanted one (now I got it). I don’t know how others interacted with Joe but I’ll tell my story.

Joe took delivery of my machine from Las Vegas (he provided me a very reliable and reasonable cost shipping company to) and I met him at his shop to go over it. He carefully started to open it up and describe both how the unit worked and what he thought would need replacement/repair/cleaned/etc.. In the end he gave me all the options of what I wanted done!!! He also was very up front about the timeframe of getting it done (you are in a cue with other repair jobs there). Joe called me when it was ready and I went to the shop and was so excited to see it. Let me just say that It looked like a dam brand new machine!!!

I new I had given the machine to the right guy. He has a great delivery guy (Donny) as well and that was an awesome experience as well. Donny has all the right tools/dolly/etc. and knows how to move and set-up the machines.