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SOLD – Classic 1978 Bally Strikes and Spares (#2)

Classic Bally early solid state game. Everyone seems to remember this game.

This game has lots of upgrades. CPU and Lamp driver board have been replaced with Brand New Alltek boards. Score displays out front have replaced with new Pinscore orange LED displays. Power cord has been replaced for safety. Legs have been cleaned and painted with new leg adjusters and leg bolts added. Cabinet has been vacuumed and washed inside and out. Playfield has been stripped, cleaned, polished then waxed. Playfield posts and rubber rings have been replaced with new. Flipper and bumpers have been rebuilt above and below the playfield with new parts. Playfield plastics have been cleaned and polished. Game has been upgraded to Comet LED lights.

Removed and polished siderails. Removed, cleaned and painted lock down bar receiver. Polished lock down bar. Replaced flipper buttons. Replace coin door carriage bolts. Replaced the 10 center orange inserts and white plastic stars. All games come with manual, schematics and copy of sales flyer.

UPDATE: Last few pictures show the red paint being redone on the front cabinet and right side cabinet where it was completely faded.