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SOLD – 1994 Williams Demolition Man (#2)

We have finished teardown of this amazing futuristic themed widebody pinball. This is based on the Sylvester Stallone movie from the 90's. It features voice snip its from all three main characters. Has some amazing features such as: 5-ball Multi-ball play, Magnetic Ball Lifter (Cryo Claw), 2 Matchbox® cars (car crash) used like sequential captive balls, Upright player handles with trigger buttons for activating flippers and thumb buttons to launch balls, Custom captive ball (Retina Scan shot), Elevator from playfield to Cryo Claw.

Cabinet has been cleaned inside and out. Exterior cabinet has been lightly touched. Brand new legs, leg bolts and leg adjusters have been installed. New cabinet head side decals will be installed. Coin door has been removed and repainted. New Side rails have been installed. Upright left & right handles have been rechromed and thumb buttons replaced.

Playfield has been stripped, cleaned and polished with Novus products. All top playfield ramps & plastics have been cleaned and shined. Underside of the playfield plastic inserts have been meticulously cleaned and bright color coordinated LED's bulbs have been installed. WPC power driver board rebuild kit has been installed for reliability. New power cord has been installed for safety. Pop bumpers have been rebuilt above and below the playfield. That includes new plungers, yokes, springs, plastic bodies, skirts, bases, bumper caps, rod & rings have been polished to a brilliant shine. All red plastic lane guides have been installed.

Blue LED strip lighting has been added under left and right side of backbox. Polished side mirrors have been added to enhance playfield visuals and new tempered playfield glass has been installed.