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SOLD – 1993 Gottlieb Tee’d Off (#2)

This fun pinball combines the action of golf with a touch of Caddyshack by way of an animated (motorized) gopher topper that will shrug shoulders in synch with gopher voice during game play and occasionally during attract mode.

This is a very clean game with a really nice backglass and playfield. We did a thorough cleaning inside and out. Adding upgrades such as bright LED lighting. Legs have been cleaned and polished with new leg adjusters added. All imperfections on the exterior cabinet and playfield have been faithfully touched up. Playfield has been disassembled for cleaning and polishing with Novus products then waxed. Ball ramps were hand polished. Minor playfield wear areas were touched up then those areas were sealed with Mylar. Electronics have been gone thru and game plays 100%. Gopher topper has been disassembled and cleaned. Dome was polished. New tempered playfield glass was installed. New stainless steel side rails were installed.

New Gottlieb NOS playfield decal set was installed to bring the vivid colors back to life. Flippers were rebuilt with new parts. New power cord was installed for safety.