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SOLD – 1989 Data East Monday Night Football (#1)

Three ball Multi-ball game. First of its kind with three channel Digital Stereo Sound. Disappearing goal post and ramp.

Light restoration on this game. Cabinet was cleaned inside and out. Needed only light touchup paint. Power cord was replaced for safety. Coin door was removed and repainted. Lock down bar receiver was removed, wire wheeled then painted. Siderails were polished in place. Lock down bar was removed and buffed to a high shine. New leg bolts and leg adjusters were installed.

Boards were gone thru for reliability. Sound board was recapped for great sound. Flash lamp relay was replaced so all flash lamps now work correctly. All fuses were replaced with correct values.

Playfield was stripped, cleaned, polished with Novus then waxed. Bumpers and flippers were rebuilt. Playfield posts were replaced with new and new rubber rings were added. Backside of backglass was cleaned and front side was cleaned and waxed. New playfield glass installed. Game was converted to LED bulbs.

Game looks great, plays strong and the stereo separation sounds amazing. See the video below.