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SOLD – 1987 Gottlieb Victory (#1)

Exciting auto racing theme. Upper and lower playfields, 4 flippers, 2 ball Multi-ball play, 4-bank drop targets, game features speech and 11 channel sound, Victory was the first game to use a fully screened photo realistic "Vitrigraph" Mylar overlay for it's playfield rather than the industry standard silkscreen on the wood itself.

Circuit boards have all been repaired and game works 100%, power cord has been replaced for safety, cabinet has been cleaned and paint touched up, legs have been cleaned and polished, siderails and lock down bar have been removed and polished, coin door has been removed and painted, lock down receiver has been removed, stripped and painted, playfield has been stripped, polished and waxed, all playfield metal pieces have been hand polished, flippers have been rebuilt, game has been upgraded with LED bulbs, T-molding has been replaced with new, new playfield glass has been installed, credit button has been added inside coin door