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SOLD – 1987 Bally Party Animal

1980's Party Theme! Fast & fun Multi-ball. Low production game only 2,250 made.

3-ball multi-ball game. Juke Box that changes tunes when targets are hit. Toad on Toad stool, jumps when hit. First pinball game to have the sounds of a belch and a flushing toilet.

Fun and fast multi-ball game. Cabinet has been cleaned inside and out. Outside of cabinet has been touched up. Power cord has been replaced for safety. Electronic boards have been gone thru for increased reliability. New leg bolts and leg adjusters have been added. Game has been fully converted to LED bulbs. All broken wires have been professionally repaired. Pop bumpers and flippers have been rebuilt.

Playfield has been stripped, polished with Novus products, then waxed. Worn playfield areas have been repainted to match and sealed with Mylar. Tilt mechanism was reinstalled and wired back in. Plastic On/Off toggle switch was replaced with correct metal one. Juke box flashing lights were repaired and now function properly. Lockdown bar receiver was removed, sandblasted then painted. New shooter rod and keylock were installed.