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SOLD – 1986 Williams High Speed (2) – Project Machine

High Speed project machine.

This has been an extremely busy year for us and I have had to make some work flow adjustments to keep up with demand. I realize that in order for us to turn games over like we need to,  we've got to focus on machines that do not require as much work as this does. I will be going thru the inventory and posting some others as well.

Here is an overview of this machine:

The back glass is excellent except for one spot that can be seen in one of the pictures. Power supply board is included but it's sitting in the cabinet. The downside is there no graphics on the cabinet anywhere and it has some termite damage mostly in the head and lower rear left of the cabinet. No evidence of live termites. The playfield has a few worn areas at the rear of the playfield. The cabinet has no original graphics and has been painted black before we got it.

Missing Parts:
Master Display board
Beacon Motor
Lower left flipper coil