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SOLD – 1985 Williams Alley Cats shuffle alley (repainted cabinet) (#1)

We are excited to restore our first shuffle bowler.

Game was complete but needed to be completely restored. Circuit boards were pulled and all cold solder joints reflowed. Exterior had a major cleaning and was completely repainted original colors. Alley was cleaned and polished, all the pins were replaced with new, removable pin carriage was removed, cleaned and repainted white, new metal instruction card cover was installed over new instruction cards. New rebound rubber was installed on all four sides. T-molding was replaced throughout. Backglass is in excellent condition but the backside was heavily stained with nicotine. Nicotine stains were cleaned off completely without removing any of the artwork. Coin door was repainted. All bulbs were replaced with LED bulbs. New 7-digit glass were installed on two score displays. New puck was added.