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SOLD – 1979 Stern Hot Hand

This is a pinball with a universally fun card/gambling theme. Unique feature is a large flipper at top of playfield slowly rotates throughout game play. A ball coming to rest in any of the ten "rollover pockets" nearby will score points continuously until dislodged by the rotating flipper.

Here are some details:
Playfield needed touch up. Bumper plastics and playfield plastic posts were replaced with new. Flipper and bumpers mechanisms have been rebuilt with all new parts. New power cord & flipper buttons. Siderails, coin door, lockdown bar and shooter rod had been removed and polished. Plastic Beehive shooter housing was replaced with new. Lockdown bar Receiver was stripped and repainted. Legs were sanded and repainted. New leg bolts and leg adjusters were added. Machine has new Alltek MPU installed, all other circuit boards were pulled and gone thru so they work correctly. Machine was fully converted to LED bulbs and Siegecraft flicker eliminator kit was installed. Cabinet paint was touched up. Head frame was reworked, primed and painted black. Backglass needed light airbrushing on the backside.

Game plays great and is lots of fun!