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SOLD – 1979 Bally Supersonic (#4)

This is a full restoration, inside and out. Cabinet had a new bottom panel installed, cabinet was stripped and filled, then painted with the original graphics using stencils. New legs, leg bolts and adjusters were installed. Coin door, lock down bar and side rails were removed, cleaned and polished. Lock down receiver bar was stripped and painted. Backglass was replaced with NOS piece and the backside was sprayed with Triple Thick clear. Light panel was removed, cleaned and painted white.

MPU board, lamp driver board and power supply board are all new. Solenoid driver board and sound board were rebuilt. Machine was converted to LED bulbs. New keylocks were installed in the backbox and coin door. New power cord was installed for safety.

Playfield was removed, stripped, sanded to bare wood, then sprayed with clear urethane. New playfield overlay was then installed. Pop bumpers and flippers mechanisms were rebuilt. Playfield posts, flipper bats and bumper plastics were replaced with new. All metal pieces on the playfield were buffed to a high shine. Lastly a new playfield plastic set was installed.

Game looks and plays like brand new. Supersonic fans come check it out.