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SOLD – 1979 Bally Supersonic #2

Popular early Bally solid state pin. Cabinet was touched up where needed. Backglass was in excellent condition - installed new stainless steel lift trim and black plastic frame kit. New Alltek MPU board was installed. All other circuit boards have been gone thru and repaired. All male and female Molex pins have been replaced for reliability.

Playfield was stripped, cleaned, polished with Novus then waxed. Badly worn area in the center between the slingshots was repaired using a Classic Arcades decal then Mylar'd over it for durability. All 11 Orange star rollovers were replaced with new. New playfield plastic posts and lane guides were installed. Playfield plastics were cleaned and polished. New rubber ring kit was installed. Game was converted to LED lights. All switches were cleaned and adjusted. Pop bumpers and flippers above and below the playfield were rebuilt with new parts.

Coin door was cleaned and siderails were removed and cleaned. Displays were in bad shape so they were replaced with new Pinscore LED displays. Legs were removed and painted. New keylocks were installed.

Game looks and plays great!