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SOLD – 1978 Williams Lucky Seven (#1)

Las Vegas themed game. Features three slot machine type reals under the playfield. Certain combinations of the wheels light the Double Bonus, Extra Ball and Special lights. This game was in nice condition when it came in. Legs have been cleaned and polished with new leg adjusters added. Playfield was completely disassembled then polished to a nice shine then waxed. Broken center playfield plastic was replaced. All playfield posts were replaced with new. New rubber rings were installed. Machine was converted to all LED's. All original opaque plastic playfield inserts were replaced with translucent starburst style inserts to give it a more modern look. Flippers and bumpers were rebuilt and have very fast action. Power cord was replaced for safety. Backglass, cabinet art and playfield were touched up. All metal brightwork was removed and polished. New shooter housing was installed. Boards were gone thru and all work correctly. Game plays 100%. Very underrated game!!