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SOLD – 1966 Chicago Coin TV-Baseball

Unique Features
1966 Chicago Coin TV-Baseball - Fun filled sports Baseball themed game. 2 player pitch and bat game play. In addition to 3 available pitch styles - Straight, Curve and Slider, bat control has 4 adjustments from slow to fast. Animated players run around the bases as targets are hit. 2 bells and 1 buzzer add to realism. Two bright metal ramps allow for hitting home runs into the bleachers. Hitting home run target adds additional points to the home run depending what is lit at the time you hit the target. Finally hitting the six C-A-N-C-E-L target cancels an out.
Machine plays great and needs nothing. Lots of family fun. Playfield polished and looks amazing.
Restoration Details
Cabinet has been cleaned but is in original condition.
Playfield has been cleaned with Novus 3, 2 & 1. Worn paint areas have been touched up and looks great.
Mechanical – All missing parts have been sourced and installed. Old power cord replaced with new one. New instruction cards installed.
Backglass – Original translate in excellent condition. Just a few minor worn areas.
LED bulb conversion/upgrade.Video Below