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CUSTOMER RESTORATION – 1986 Williams Grand Lizard

When this beauty came in it was about ready for the dumpster. Machine had lightning damage across the boards. Game was covered in dust, nicotine and grung. Boards were repaired, playfield was pulled to clean and touch-up cabinet inside and out. Right & Left side head artwork was shot and heavily planked. We sanded the sides to bare wood, then filled imperfections and painted. We then added new side head graphics decals.

Playfield was stripped down, cleaned, polished and worn areas touched-up. Playfield insert black circles were redone then painted areas and circles were sealed under Mylar. Bottom side of playfield inserts were cleaned then game was converted to LED bulbs. Lock down receiver was removed, wire wheeled then painted. Coin door was removed and painted black. Side rails and lock down bar were removed, cleaned then polished with buffing wheel. Legs were painted black with new leg bolts and leg adjusters added. New tempered playfield glass was added. Game was fully shopped and plays 100%.