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Restoration of customer owned machine. Cabinet has been touched up, legs have been stripped and painted. New leg bolts & leg adjusters were installed. Side rails, coin door and lock bar have been removed and polished to a high shine. Rear of backglass has been cleaned to remove all nicotine stains.

All displays & boards have been removed and cold solder joints reflowed. New Alltek MPU board was installed. All other boards got new male header pins. All female pins have been replaced with new. Machine was converted over LED bulbs. Siegecraft flicker eliminator boards were installed.

Transformer panel was removed, disassembled and cleaned. New power cord was installed for safety. Playfield was removed, stripped and polished. Playfield was touched up where needed, then sealed with Mylar. All Pacman Maze inserts were removed and replaced with new clear starburst inserts. Flipper and bumpers were rebuilt on top and under playfield. Machine looks amazing and plays like new.